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Our Purpose & Services

Our Purpose

  • To equip Caterpillar 2 Butterfly (C2B) Clients with tools necessary for professional success i.e.; resume writing, interview skills, job placement referrals, professional dress and appearance and effective networking.
  • To provide C2B Clients with educational counseling, tutoring and services aimed at technology and computer literacy to be workforce ready.
  • To provide C2B Clients with financial counseling and consultation so they develop a fiscally responsible lifestyle.
  • To provide in-house, certified childcare services for C2B Clients during their training/transition continuum.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment thru transitional housing and services for C2B Clients exiting the foster care system.
  • To provide transitional assistance and after-care to C2B Clients who may be ex-offenders.
  • To provide personal and spiritual mentoring to C2B Clients aimed at building and maintaining confidence and self-esteem.
  • To connect with and develop a network of like-minded organizations for collaboration and referral services.

Our Services

    Personal and Spiritual Life Time Management & Skill Development Financial Planning Parenting Skills Independent Living Skills
    Tutoring Basic Computer Skills and Clerical Instruction Credit General Education Development (GED) prep GED Testing Fees (if necessary) Recovery toward a High School Diploma
    Pre-Employment Skills Training Job Search Assistance & Placement Create & Update Resume Provide Clothing (professional attire for interview) Assist with Transportation (work related) Childcare Assistance (work related) Provide information pertaining to other outside Community Resource